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Launching The Your Biography Website

Hey Guys and girls.  I have just finished The Your Biography Website You can check it out at 


On this website, you will find information on the product I have created, The History of My Life in Facts and Pictures. 


If you click on The About Paul Rosenzweig tab, you can read a short biography on me.


Click on Start Now and you will have the opportunity to purchase a digital copy of The History of My Life in Facts and Pictures for $25 and begin the process of writing your own life story.


Click on the Pricing tab and you will find out about all the different pricing options available to you and have the opportunely to choose the option that best suits your needs and affordability


And finally, click on the contact page to send me a personal email on any concerns, suggestions, ideas or to discuss how you would like your biography to look.


Purchasing The History of My Life in Facts and Pictures under the Start Now tab is the easiest way to get started.  All you have to do is click the Buy Now button and pay safely and securely through Paypal.  Once you have paid the $25, click the link that says Download Now and you will be  redirected to the page the file is on to download and then you can  start writing about your life, it is as easy as that!!


Make sure to check out my website and feel free to send me an email located at, if there are any concerns.


I look forward to hearing from you all,


Kindest Regards,

Paul Rosenzweig



Exciting Times Ahead At Your Biography Writer!!

Hey Followers of Your Biography Writer 


There is some exciting news regarding a new biography product that will be released soon.

Titled The History of My Life in Facts and Pictures, this book will be a great affordable resource for people to purchase who are wanting to write their life stories, events, memoirs or thoughts on different topics.

The book will come out in three different formats and can be tailor-made to your needs. More on that later!!

Prices will be released shortly on these books and a range of different pricing options.

Please head over to Your Biography Writer’s Facebook Page for more information
Stay tuned for the EXCITING TIMES AHEAD!!! Image

Your’s Sincerely 

Paul, The Biography Writer



When Life Gets in the Way: Finding Time to Blog

I love this article. It’s a must read

The Daily Post

When you begin blogging, losing an hour of sleep to perfect a post or skipping lunch to spend time commenting is a pleasure. Post ideas come thick and fast. And more published posts mean pageviews and readers, so publishing more is better, right?

Sure… until it’s not. Until work starts piling up. Or you get sick. Or a friend is in from out of town. Or you have to bake three dozen cupcakes for Sally’s class — by tomorrow. Sometimes, we all get trapped under a beam in the burning barn (metaphorically) and can’t get to the computer. When that happens, how do you find time to blog without turning your creative outlet into just another obligation?

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The History of My Life in Facts and Pictures

The History of My Life in Facts and Pictures

Hey Guys,

Today I have been working on the front and back covers to my book, The History of My Life in Facts and Pictures.

What do you think of the design, do you like it? Let me know guys

Fitness Book

Just had a really good conversation with a fitness coach about creating a disability fitness book for those people who are incapacitated in one way or another, but still want to be fit and exercise. Its going to take a lot of research and effort to get the task done, but with the support I have, I know I will be able to get it done when the time is right.

The History of My Life in Facts and Pictures

The History of My Life in Facts and Pictures

Just ordered two draft copies of my new book The History of My Life in Facts and Pictures should be should arrive in the mail within a week!!

A couple of weeks ago, I placed a status update asking for a couple of volunteers who would like to participate by contributing to the book. I have the list of people now and I will be getting to you starting tonight!!

This is really starting to get exciting now can’t wait yayy!!